2023 SAFe 5.1 Release Train Engineer (RTE) Practice Test

2023 SAFe 5.1 Release Train Engineer (RTE) Practice Test


This certification is of 120 minutes duration in which you have to complete the 60 Questions. and the passing marks is 75% that means you need to do 45 questions correct out of 60 to get the certified for SAfe Release Train Engineer, as this is very costly Certification so that’s why practice is is required for hands on.

This course is very helpful in Testing your knowledge for the SAFe Release Train Engineer test. Although it is not recommended by SAFe,  but SAFe Release Train Engineer test is having world wide recognition, SAFe Release Train Engineer  certification is useful for those who want to work in the Scaled Agile framework as a Release Train Engineer , Many industries consider this as benchmark.

If you have done the training you want to give the exam, this course will help you in preparing for the real exam, the practice test are based on the real exam, although questions are of same level of complexity. but it will help you in very good practice of the real exam.

It is having Multiple choice (one answer) or multiple select (2-3 answers) questions and first attempt is free and after that you need to pay 50$ for every attempt and you can attempt only once in a month.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to prepare for Release Train Engineer Exam



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