28 Days of Yoga For All Levels – From Head to Toe

28 Days of Yoga For All Levels – From Head to Toe


  • A yoga mat (or other comfortable surface to practice on)


Are you looking to create a habit of healthy, mindful movement and exercise – but you don’t have hours to spare? Would you like to get stronger, improve your flexibility, and build better balance – all while gaining confidence and getting to know your own body?

Then this Head to Toe 28-day Yoga Challenge is for you.

If you’re like me, the idea of a daily yoga practice might sound daunting at first. That’s why each of these 28 practices is between 5-10 minutes long. Yoga is much more effective if you practice a few minutes consistently than it is if you practice a full hour every now and then, so you might be surprised at how a little every day can go a long way! I’ll guide you through each practice with a creative focus each day on a different part of the body – so that we can get to know ourselves better from Head to Toe!

Discover the little quirks and imbalances about your own body that you may have never known about before as we work our way through these 28 days, with each practice building upon previous ones in the challenge. Each day, you’ll be prompted to reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself and how your mindset is changing, which will help you to improve both your physical and mental health.

This course is designed to be effective, accessible to everyone and to all levels, and most of all: it’s designed to be fun! You can practice with me in the comfort of your own home, with no special equipment necessary. The only things you need are a yoga mat (or other comfortable surface to practice on) and an open mind! Each of these courses can be streamed or downloaded and is yours to keep forever to practice anywhere and anytime.

What to Expect

  • 28 creative full body yoga sequences with a focus each day on a different part of the body – from head to toe!
  • A 7-minute full body warmup, which can be repeated before each day’s practice to wake the body up and get you going (optional)
  • A downloadable calendar where you can mark off the days you’ve practiced
  • Actionable next steps to keep your healthy practice and habits going after the 28 days are up

If you’ve been looking for a structured solution to bring yoga and healthy exercise into your daily life, look no further. You don’t need to already be strong or flexible to reap the benefits of a great habit – and your strength and flexibility will improve in these 28 days. Your body and mind will thank you for taking this step, and you will feel differently by the end of these 4 weeks.

I can’t wait to practice with you. See you on Day 1!



Who this course is for:

  • This course is suitable for all levels, including beginners new to yoga – all are welcome!


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