5435/5436 General Science Study Guide Help

5435/5436 General Science Study Guide Help


  • None, just knowledge of the subjects


In this course, we will teach students how to become certified (make note, this will NOT make you certified)  for the 5435 General Science Exam. Coming from someone who has scored enough to pass in almost every state, this course should teach anyone the basics of preparing for this test.  Additionally, this course is taught someone who is a kinesiologist.  Seeing a cross between education and movement science, there should be more integrative connections made.  In this course, there are tons of examples of how to teach General Science.  This course is coming from someone who is certified in General Science grades 7 to 12. 

Ultimately, the premise of this course is to help you as a student pass the Praxis exam.  I have added tons of study strategies that should help you achieve your goals.  Whether you are in your undergraduate program or graduate program, this course will help you.  Looking at past study guide books and textbooks, I have put together a study guide course that should be helpful when preparing for praxis 2 5435 exam.  I will keep adding tons of videos to this study guide course.  Over time, I will keep adding tons of helpful videos and resources that will be made available in this course.  I hope you enjoy this course and find it helpful when preparing for your exam.  Various topics, ranging from earth science, chemistry, physics, and biology will be covered. 

Who this course is for:

  • Education students; science students; potential teachers


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