8 Steps to College Admissions, 2022

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  • This class is designed for all students, parents, mentors, and counselors who want to understand the basics of college admissions
  • Fluency in English


The 8 Steps to College Admissions is a concise guide to improve an applicant’s chance of being admitted to college while reducing overall college costs and anxiety for the entire family. This guidebook is for students, parents, mentors, and professionals looking for a simple way to discover, strategize, prepare, apply, and review offers of admission to college and financial aid. This edition has been written with essential questions for every student to ask and offers general strategies for success with admissions.

This short guide book focuses on admissions to colleges in the United States. There are examples from public and private colleges, along with Common App, FAFSA, Naviance, Lifelaunchr, and other tools often used in general practice. Each student, family, school and community will utilize available resources to prepare for college aligned with career and life goals. This guide introduces common, American standards for college admissions, credentials for careers, work-for-pay, service experiences, and financial aid processes. Admissions requirements can vary significantly, so each applicant must research and confirm deadlines and requirements for admissions for a specific student with a school context.

Let’s talk about college! Admissions requirements can vary, but one of the most common questions of students and parents is:

What are the basic criteria for admission to college?

Three criteria often used as indicators for College Readiness are:

  1. Good grades in rigorous courses
  2. Career certification and standardized tests
  3. Demonstrated accomplishments in leadership roles.

Highly selective colleges often use more many criteria; nonetheless, these 3 criteria are primary factors in admission decisions for highly selective programs. Students can use classes at colleges with open access for advantages in more selective admissions.

The 8 Steps to College Admissions is a foundation to understand college applications, to find the perfect college, and to secure acceptances with ideal financial packages. A simple, strategic approach will help every student enter the school that is right for them. Each college has individual requirements, policies, and deadlines for admissions that may change each year; this can be frustrating for laymen, so ask an expert when you have a question.

The 8 Steps to College Admissions are:

  1. Discover College Readiness and Admissions Requirements
  2. Strategize College Preparation, Applications and Admissions
  3. Refine College List and Work Plan to Optimize Admissions
  4. Write Effective Personal Statements and Resume
  5. Prepare, Review and Submit Financial Aid Documents
  6. Prepare, Review and Submit College Applications
  7. Review Offers of Admission and Aid; File Appeals as Necessary
  8. Make Final Decisions and Complete Tasks for Enrollment

This guidebook shows you how to take advantage of happenstance at every step, to pursue purposeful activities inside and out of school, and to plan steps through college admissions toward career and life goals.

Who this course is for:

  • High School Students
  • Parents
  • College Counselors
  • Mentors and other who support students applying to college

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