A spiritual guide for stress free holidays

A spiritual guide for stress free holidays


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This is a short online seminar , on how to reduce your stress and anxiety level during the time before the holidays by using basic faith principles, based on the spirit of Kabballah. The guide is compatible with all Monotheistic faiths inclduing: Jewdaism, Catholic Christians, Evangelical Christians, Protestant Christians, any followers of Jesus and Muslems. the guide is good for individuals, famililies and communities anywhere around the globe. Find practical tools to deal with the upcoming holidays to have a meaningul , joyful holiday with the least amount of stress possible. The guide is completely free, However we will appreciate it you share it and leave us contant information for our newsletter to send you more useful information in the future. it is up to you.

Learn how your Ego is affecting your thoughts feelings and actions. Learn to identify whether your actions are coming from your Divine Soul or from Animalistic soul (Ego). in Every decision we make througout our day there is a fight between our lower and higher soul a fight between our Ego and our conscience. Can you identify who is in the driver’s seat? who is in control of your decisions?

The course is based on 3000-year-old Kabballah principles


Who this course is for:

  • Any person that feels stress or anxiety around the holiday season
  • Any person that wants to create a more positive joyful holiday experience for them and their family
  • Any person that wishes to engage in self development
  • Persons of all faiths


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