Achieve Successful HR Technology With The 5 Pillar Framework

Achieve Successful HR Technology With The 5 Pillar Framework


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“I can concur that these pillars will surely make HR technology a true enabler in any business.” – Bernard

“Awesome stuff, really valuable information.” – Josephine

“The course is fantastic” – Lyle

This course presents the 5 pillar framework and world class case study for developing HR technology that best supports your employees and an HR shared services team. You will lean about employee self-service, case management, portals, knowledge management and talent acquisition. The course also teaches mobile technology for employees, automation for shared services and there is a case study that shows how all of these were successfully put into practice.

Become a better HR professional today by learning about all of these fundamentals of how to create world class employee solutionsl

  • Employee expectations of slick and simple technology is based on their experience in their own lives
  • User interface design thinking that is based on the volumes of employee transactions and queries
  • Mobile technologies such as SMS, USSD, App and Mobi for delivering convenience to employees
  • Technology as an enabler of employee experience, and how it needs to work seamlessly with an HR support function
  • How you can automate, digitise and improve employee support processes with fit-for-purpose technology and solutions
  • The use of technology in acquiring new talent into your organisation and how to treat new employees like new customers
  • Cost reduction in shared services and across an HR function in a medium to large organisation
  • How to choose the right mobile strategy for rolling out a new employee self service front end
  • The importance of de-cluttering and re-arranging screens to improve employee’s user experience
  • Tracking and tracing of employee queries using solutions that manage hand-offs and produce meaningful management information
  • How to improve case management processes with immediate customer feedback
  • Self-service solutions for employees and how to improve their experience of all the HR functions they need
  • The importance of combining systems into a single, consolidated portal for employees
  • How technology needs to bring all the automated HR support functions together into an intuitive user experience
  • Saving time and money in a shared services environment by empowering employees with self-help when they need it
  • The importance of integrating HR systems like Oracle with recruitment platforms like LinkedIn
  • How a knowledge management system should work and what employees will expect from it
  • The widespread use of Sharepoint for company intranets and how its new features support advanced employee portals

Take advantage of my experience in actually building and running these solutions for an organisation of 40,000 employees. I’ve packaged all my skills into this course to provide you with an incredible learning experience and help you become a better HR professional. Regardless of your knowledge of HR Technology, if you are interested in how to better leverage technology for HR then this course will help you!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in how technology supports HR

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