Active Directory Skills for IT Support Professionals

Active Directory Skills for IT Support Professionals


  • Basic computer knowledge


Active Directory is the heart of Windows Server user management and permissions. It’s a key skill for any IT administrator and help desk staff.

The Active Directory Administrator is responsible for managing all aspects of the domain including the users, groups, and computer accounts in the domain. Creating, modifying, and deleting objects are some of the common tasks that the administrator in a typical domain network. The AD object management can be either done through Active Directory Users and Computers or through a number of tools, which allow the administrator to automate the administration.

The IT support roles usually get limited access to AD in this course we will cover the skills for IT support roles.

Danish Haider shows how to configure domain controller and account policies and maintain Active Directory. He’ll cover  Active Directory basic tasks, password policy management, and other real-world tickets.

  • This course will also help students with preparing for technical Internews.
  • Students will gain hands-on experience if labs are used.
  • This course can be helpful for IT managers to train help desk staff for active directory management.

Hands-on lab

This sandbox solution can be used to practice and teach Windows server configuration and administration skills in a safe, secure environment. After completion of a session, the environment will reset back to its original state.

This Sandbox includes: Windows Server 2019 (Domain Member), Windows Server 2019 (Standalone Member), Windows 10 (Domain Member), Windows 10 (Standalone Member) and CentOS (Standalone Member).

Our Sandboxes provide a safe, secure virtual environment to test the impact of new installations or software updates prior to deployment. Connect to live Practice Labs servers, hardware and software in isolation from your critical business systems. Freestyle and experiment without risk to your in-house equipment or concerns about capacity.

Who this course is for:

  • IT Beginners


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