Advance Tarot ~ The Hero Story

Advance Tarot ~ The Hero Story


  • Anyone who wishes to Learn Tarot


Are you ready to improve your Tarot reading Skills?

Do you want to go deeper into Tarot?

Understand the power behind the Major Arcana?

Many Beautiful Tarot courses teach you the definitions of the cards, however do they teach you WHERE the messages come from?


Kelliena teaches the hero (The Fool)  story in this powerful course.


The Heroes Story is the journey of the Fool Tarot card in the Major Arcana. And how this Soul transforms after learning many important lessons in his travels.

He comes across many teachers and new experiences that allows him to become the Power that he really is.  Some teachers may not be as they seem. And some experiences may be more giving than expected.

Mastering this knowledge will help you read where you are in a lesson/energy cycle. It will also help you have a stronger connection to Tarot and its wisdom. 


Mastering the Hero Story is a critical education when it comes to learning Tarot.


Tarot helps you connect with your Angels, Guardians and Guides. It also can help you with your psychic dreams.

Tarot is a must have for any healer and/or intuitive.

Come learn the Hero’s beautiful journey and deepen your knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone


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