Advanced guide to Indian therapeutic hemodialysis recipes

Advanced guide to Indian therapeutic hemodialysis recipes


  • No cooking or culinary skills required
  • Pen and paper or notepad to make a note of healthy and unhealthy food ingredients/ food combinations


This course is intended for individuals or caregivers of the ones undergoing chronic maintenance hemodialysis. Hemodialysis is a procedure that mainly involves flushing out of toxic waste products from the human body, with help of a machine. This is a lifelong process which needs to be conducted at least thrice a week unless the patient gets transplanted.

Dietary modifications are important in managing health of hemodialysis patients. They include restriction of salt and water, restriction of minerals like potassium and phosphorus and an increase in proteins. In order to address these modifications, this course has been designed to impart knowledge on selecting healthy food ingredients and nutritive diet recipes.

This course is a compilation of Indian lunch & dinner menus including desserts that are safe for hemodialysis patients. As therapeutic diets; (also known as healing diets) are meant to help you keep your health parameters under control, they involve a careful selection of healthy ingredients as well as a fine understanding of food combinations and healthy techniques of cooking.

Through this course, you will be able to pick and choose dialysis friendly diet recipes and keep unhealthy ones at bay. You will also learn ways to make food interesting as well as appetizing keeping dialysis diet instructions in mind.

You will also get educated about the key principles of dialysis diet and how to modify your diet in order to stay healthy while on hemodialysis and live longer. You will be trained to modify your favorite recipes such that it suits your kidney health and you may not need to abandon your favorite foods. This will help you enhance your quality of life.

With this course, your burden of endless search and pursuit for healthy dialysis friendly recipes (especially of Indian culture) will surely come to an end.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for individuals or caregivers of individuals undergoing maintenance hemodialysis. This course will provide a basic guide to different Indian recipes that you can prefer for lunch and dinner. The recipes are very simple, easy to prepare, tasty as well as healthy as they have been carefully curated keeping your overall kidney health in mind.


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