Advanced Stretching Techniques For Personal Trainers

Advanced Stretching Techniques For Personal Trainers


  • No knowledge of assisted stretching needed. This course will teach you everything!


In this course, you are going to develop yourself into the PRO trainer that you have always wanted to be.

Transform your skill set by learning the ins and outs of assisted-stretching for your personal training clients.

Get better results for your clients inside and outside of the gym by applying these proven techniques to

stretch your client from head to toe.

Not only will you become noticed in the gym that you train at, but your clients will be turning to YOU when

they need to be stretched and will be enthusiastically telling their friends and family about your expertise.

You will learn the scientific benefits of stretching your client as well as how to talk to your clients

about the importance of stretching, how to convert them into a stretch client for your additional

stretching services, and how to help them combat any chronic or acute conditions, relieved through

trainer-assisted stretching.

Each lesson has a corresponding video which you will click on. Take notes, in order to have the study

materials ready to pass the quizzes. The more you practice and learn the material, the better you will become

at stretching your clients. Additionally, I recommend going through this course on a desktop computer for

optimal viewing quality.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get stretching!

Who this course is for:

  • Personal Trainers, Fitness Coaches, Group Fitness Instructors + More


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