Affinity and Process Flow

Affinity and Process Flow
What is Affinity and Process Flow. How to make Affinity Diagram.



The affinity diagrams are used in conjunction with brainstorming to organize large volume of ideas/data into relevant themes/groups for review and analysis. Techniques like affinity diagrams and brainstorming helps to clarify an issue and think up new ideas in order to move onto the next steps. The learning module will cover the steps for how to develop an affinity diagram.

Process Flow​

Process flow is an effective technique that can be used in a number of ways but is probably most often used to map out the patient journey. It enables you to create a visual picture of how the pathway currently works, capturing the reality of the process, exposing areas of duplication, waste, unhelpful variation and unnecessary steps. A tool to help streamline care. The learning module is a power point presentation with voice over narration describing how to use the technique using real-life examples.


No prior knowledge of the subject is required; however, it would be good to think about a problem in your organization which is a cause of concern for patients and staff and addressing it would improve patient safety and quality of care.

Who this course is for:

  • Leadership team
  • Quality and patient safety professionals

All staff undertaking any improvement projects.

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