Affinity Designer 2.0 Beginner in Illustration

Affinity Designer 2.0 Beginner in Illustration


  • Affinity Designer is recommended (1 or 2)
  • No Drawing or any Vector experience is needed
  • ⚠️If you are a Vectorize Club Membership: You have the access to this Course on the Platform.


In this new course for beginners in Affinity Designer 2.0  you will learn the best workflow for a complete Incredible Chimp Avatar from Scratch!

Important note.

  • This is not a long or boring course that will make you sleep or skip the lessons

The reason that this course is Short and Effective is that we cover what is really important,
it comes with years of experience using Affinity.

Why this is the Best Beginner course for beginners illustrators in Affinity?

  • You will learn the essentials stages to make any Art
  • We will be going over the tools that are used explained.
  • You can Download the Raster Brushes used!
  • No Drawing skill is needed
  • We will go through all the best methods for Vector.
  • Quick Fundamentals about Low Poly and Shading
  • The final project will take you less than 1 hour.

Why Affinity?
No doubt Affinity Designer 2.0 is the best alternative to Adobe (Photoshop and Illustrator)

Obviously, No subscription is needed.

Intuitive, and easy to use, with Vector and Painting functions.
For Illustrators, Designers, and hobbyists

Why this is very recommended?

  • People who want to Quit Adobe and don’t know how to Start in Affinity
  • Illustrators looking to learn the best methods in Affinity.
  • People who love drawing and sketching and want to start doing it digitally
  • Procreate or Adobe users that want to know Affinity basics.

Who this course is for?

  • For people without Time
  • Beginner in Vector Art
  • Illustrators with experience in alternative apps like Procreate and Adobe
  • Designers and hobbyists that want to make Digital Art
  • Game Artists and Children’s Book Illustrators
  • For digital creators

What are you waiting for to start today my Friend? LET’S GO!

Who this course is for:

  • Illustrators who want to create high quality artwork
  • Graphic Designers that want to create on Affinity
  • Artist, Animators and Children book illustrators
  • Shor time People and Very Busy people


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