Agricultural Business Technology

Agricultural Business Technology


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farming is all about getting in touch of the world around us. The improvement in agriculture is very great, currently the world is facing challenges that part of the solution may come from effective and efficient agricultural. The rapid growth of the world population is a very great sign that everybody need to be involved in the agricultural business so that we all can feed the increase people and save more food for future food shortages. Now technology is a key answer to the world food challenges, technological development and advancement has increase but you will agree with me in principle that, this development is more in developed countries whilst developing countries are struggling to achieve technological development in agriculture.

Research has shown that technological irrigation can greatly improve productivity and also help increase yield which will help a lot of farmers gain profitability, but the great question we all as farmers must ask is how many farmers can afford this technology?, obviously few of them, this make a lot of farmers suffer because of poor financial assistance. l will suggest to some farmers that they should form groups or associations so that they can buy some of this new technological tools and rotate them for better farming. When you look currently on the improvement in information communication technology its a great way to enhance farming but how many farmers have assess to even a mere mobile phone. l think the world must listen to farmers voice so that organization like United Nations will come in to assist farmers who are in dire need of this technological farming tools to aid their farming, there are some places even ordinary tractors can boost productivity in their farming.

The use of digital agriculture, precision agriculture and blockchain technology is some of the great panacea to improve the total agricultural sector but we need to look at it carefully are this development available every where  to assist every farmer in each continent.

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  • Farmers, gardeners, horticulturalist, agricultural officers, extension officers, farmers associations, governments, agricultural ministries, institutions, students, geologist, agricultural consultants, farm managers. farm owners, farm workers, food suppliers, UN food agency, managers, CEO, directors, policy makers, everybody etc.


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