Algebra for All

Algebra for All


  • Basic knowledge of fundamental operations – addition, subtraction, product, and division.
  • Basic elementary math knowledge.
  • Each chapter includes prerequisite knowledge classes in which the child gains extensive knowledge and a thorough understanding of the chapters.


  • This course is carefully designed to explain various areas of Algebra.
  • It has 325 lectures spanning around 44 hours of on-demand videos that are divided into 4 sections, and each chapter is a section and further divided into simple sessions. The course is divided into a simplified day-by-day learning schedule.
  • Each topic is divided into simple sessions and explained extensively by solving multiple questions. Each session contains a detailed explanation of the concept.
  • An online test related to the concept for immediate assessment of understanding.
  • Session-based daily home assignments with a separate key. The students are encouraged to solve practise questions and quizzes provided at the end of each session.
  • This course will give you a firm understanding of the fundamentals and is designed in a way that a person with little or no previous knowledge can also understand it very well.
  • It covers 100% video solutions of various problems and situations.
  • Our design meets the real classroom experience by following classroom teaching practices. We have designed this course by keeping in mind all the needs of students and their desire to become masters in Algebra. This course is designed to benefit all levels of learners and will be the best gift for board-appearing students. Students love these easy methods and explanations. They enjoy learning math and never feel that math is troublesome.

Topics covered in the course:

  1. Polynomials
  2. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
  3. Quadratic Equations
  4. Arithmetic Progressions

With this course you’ll also get:

Perfect your mathematical skills on Algebra for better scores.

A Udemy Certificate of Completion is available for download.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or clarifications you might have.

I can’t wait for you to get started on mastering the Algebra.

I look forward to seeing you on the course! 🙂

Benefits of Taking this Course:

On completion of this course, one will have detailed knowledge of Algebra and be able to easily solve all the problems, which can lead to scoring well in exams with the help of explanatory videos ensure complete concept understanding.

Downloadable resources help in applying your knowledge to solve various problems.

Quizzes help in testing your knowledge. In short, one can excel in math by taking this course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course has been designed for students of Grade 10th CBSE, ICSE, SSC, GCSE, IGCSE, SAT, ACT, GRE, and other board-appearing students.
  • Students studying for the public or other competitive examinations as well as job aspirants.
  • Home-school parents are looking for extra support with the fundamentals.
  • Anyone interested in revising or learning the basics of mathematics should.
  • Students in junior high and high school/secondary schools.
  • Anyone who wants to proficient mathematics and the solving different real life situations as well.
  • Anyone who wants to study math for fun after taking a break from school.
  • It will also benefit schools who wish to run classes in the absence of a teacher and make learning fun for their students.
  • It will also benefit teachers and schools who wish to improve their teaching skills and make learning fun for their students.
  • For 11th, 9th, and 8th grade students, this will help as a bridge course.
  • These are the people whose jobs require them to solve basic daily math-related problems.


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