All About Stocks and Sauces by APCA chef online

All About Stocks and Sauces by APCA chef online


  • This program does not have any pre requirement of anykind


This program covers the Basic level of stock making from start to finish and also the Sauce. Sauce are always the foundation of any dish and without a good sauce, the dish is never complete

You will be learning 4 Basic stock and 15 different sauces in this program

Beef Stock – Fresh Beef stock made from bones, mirepoix and bouquet garni, cooked for a short time to give a good flavour to soups and sauces.

Chicken stock -Fresh chicken stock made from bones, mirepoix and bouquet garni, cooked for a short time to give a good flavour to soups and sauces.

Fish Stock – A simple ‘fumet’ as its also known, fish bones with wine, lemon and mirepoix cooked for a short time. Good base for seafood dishes

Vegetable stock – A light vegetable stock made with mirepoix consisting of more aromatics, to give a sweet base for soups and sauces.

Bechamel sauce – Milk thickened with a white roux, a good topping for vegetable & potatoe dishes or even a lasagna. One of the mothersauces, from which many derivitives can be made.

Brown sauce or Espagnole – Beef/brown stock base, cooked for a short time with browned mirepoix and tomato paste, before being thickened with a brown roux, rich flavour which is perfect for sauces on meat dishes. Also a mother sauce.

Demi Glaze – A half glaze. Made from a half and half mixture of beef stock and brown sauce. Reduced until it thickens and has a rich flavour. Perfect for heavy meat dishes

Pesto Sauce – Basil, garlic, parmesan cheese and olive oil with the addition of nuts, make a well rounded out sauce that goes well with an array of dishes.

Ceasor Dressing – Mayonnaise base dressing with the addition of other bold flavours such as anchovies, garlic and mustard. This dressing completes the caesar salad.

Chicken Bolognaise – Tomato based pasta sauce which has an array of vegetables and chicken inside. The sauce of choice for spaghetti bolognaise.

Chimichuri Sauce – An oil based marination or sauce, made with lemon juice and parsley. Goes well with seafood and meats.

Almond Lemon Cream Sauce – Light cream sauce with lemon and chopped almonds inside, very well suited for fish.

Tomato Sauce – Tomato sauce made with mirepoix, tomatoes and herbs. Another mother sauce and base for many pasta dishes.

Tartare Sauce – Hand mixed mayonnaise based sauce, has a typical sour taste to go well with seafood dishes.

Thai Vinaigrette with Lemon Grass – A thai influenced vinaigrette, bursting with the flavour of fish sauce. Perfect for dressing a variety of salads.

Thousand Island Sauce – Classic seafood sauce or dip. Mayonnaise base with the addition of tomato ketchup and chili sauce to give a flavourful end result.

Bell Pepper Sauce – Simple coulis made with bell peppers cooked in stock, perfect as a dip, sauce or puree for a variety of dishes.

Honey Lemon Dressing – Light, refreshing emulsion of oil, honey and lemon. Perfect for salad dressings.

Tomato Salsa – A refreshing salsa mix of tomatoes, garlic and vinegar amongst other things. Perfect for steamed fish.

Who this course is for:

  • This program is suitable for beginners, home cooks and enthusiasts


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