Android App Development using Kotlin

Android App Development using Kotlin


  • There are some of the concepts that may or may not be linked directly with Kotlin but they facilitate working with this programming language and they are something that we can consider as a prerequisite. The very first thing is the fundamentals of programming language. Since Kotlin is also a programming language that works the same way as other programming languages do, it will be good for the trainees if they have a good understanding of the programming fundamentals. If they have working experience with either of the programming language, they will find it very interesting and easy to learn Kotlin. The next thing is a good idea for logic creation. As the programming language is all about logic, it will be very helpful for the trainees to understand the advanced level concepts if they have a good hold on logic creation. Though we have already assured you to add all the prerequisites in this course, it will be very helpful for the trainees if they can get some idea about the prerequisites before actually beginning to learn Kotlin.


Kotlin can be defined as the open-source general-purpose programming language that possesses features of both the object-oriented and the functional programming language. This could also be defined as the programming language that is used to develop the application that requires the features from both kinds of operating languages(OOPs and functional). It is developed for JVM and Android to facilitate application development. It works the same way as that of other programming languages and the only way it differs from others is based on keywords and some of the additional features. It is a kind of robust programming language that could be used to develop applications that can be simple or complex. You will be able to develop applications that could be used to serve the large set of audience or the users. It has been focused on safety, interoperability, and clarity which helps it stand out from other programming languages.

This course has been developed very carefully to include all the concepts that one master to work proficiently with this programming language. At the starting of the course, the educator will be explaining the basics of Kotlin through the first unit which will help the trainees to understand the basics level concepts that will be further leveraged to understand the complex concepts. Later you will be learning about the advanced level concepts of Kotlin and will also practice it with the help of sample questions that are covered under demonstrations. We have also included two projects in this course which will help the trainees to cover all the concepts that are directly or indirectly linked with this programming language. After completing this Kotlin Training, you will be having all the skillset that is required to work effectively with this programming language.

Who this course is for:

  • This Kotlin Training has been drafted in a way so that it welcomes all sorts of trainees which means anyone willing to master the concepts of Kotlin can be the best target audience for this course. The professionals or the developers who are working in some other technology or programming language and want to jump into learning Kotlin can be the best target audience for this course. They will learn all the aspects of Kotlin from the beginner up to the advanced level and will be able to work on this programming language right after completing the course. The students who want to learn Kotlin to appear for any job interview or to reinforce their command on programming language can also be the best target audience for this course. They will be learning all the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of this programming language. They will be able to use their understanding either to develop their project or to crack the interviews. The trainers can also be the best target audience for this Online Kotlin Course as right after they finish the course, they will be able to train their trainees on this programming language.



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