Android Application Static and Dynamic Security Assessment

Android Application Static and Dynamic Security Assessment


  • Java
  • Android
  • Linux OS


This whole course is divided into 6 Sections which covers different necessary portions for Android Application Security and they goes like this :-:

  1. Lab Setup
  2. Introduction to Android
  3. Static Analysis tools for Android Applications
  4. Getting Started with DIVA-Beta Application
  5. Pentester Lab Applications
  6. Dynamic and Automated Analysis

This course require few things from learner, such as :-:

  1. Some hands on experience with any linux operating system, best for Kali Linux users.
  2. Basic code level understanding of JAVA language.

Minimum System requirements for this course :-:

  • CPU — i5 7th Gen
  • RAM — 12 GB
  • Storage — 250 GB SSD

Who this course is for:

  • All web application security analyst.
  • All those security enthusiast.
  • All those newbies into hacking.
  • All those API security analyst.
  • A total beginner, with a curious mind and wants to be an app developer
  • Anyone who wants to become an Android Developer
  • Penetration testers who want to do a Penetration Testing against Android mobile phones.
  • Application developers who want to write secure mobile applications.
  • Anyone who want to protect themselves against mobile attacks.
  • Programmers who are interested in building Android apps
  • Technical or non-technical entrepreneurs who want to start mobile app business
  • Anyone who wants to create Android Applications
  • Those who want to develop an Android Hacking

This course will give you a beginner to intermediate level knowledge in android application security. Audio and Video quality might not be the best, but these are the thing you need to know to get started in Android application security.

Who this course is for:

  • Security Analysts
  • Android Application Developers
  • Cyber Security Students
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Android Application Pentesters
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