Appzio on-boarding

Appzio on-boarding


  • You should be a PHP programmer with at least two years of experience
  • Modern PHP IDE (PhpStorm or similar)
  • Docker (videos will show how to set it up if its your first time)
  • Object oriented programming with PHP


This course will introduce Appzio native application building platform and walk you through the development environment setup, development basics and finally a building of a complete sample application. All development is done with PHP on this course. We will be releasing NodeJS course on 2019.

After completing the course, you are ready to start building applications and publish them to AppStore and PlayStore. It is possible to have your PHP code reviewed after the course and based on the review, you can receive Appzio certification for yourself.   

This course will require a setup of the environment to your local machine and a modern IDE such as PHPStorm. Its useful to have a basic working knowledge of Docker.

PLEASE NOTE: videos are pending update, this will happen in January 2019. The most notable differences to current setup:
– Videos make reference to SFP upload, this is no longer used
– Admin part has been re-arranged to more logical order. You will still find the same options, but they might be under different tab.
– Creating new modules you can find from the top menu, under modules
– Make sure that you have added your SSH key to Appzio’s git if you wish to have your actions code under GIT

Who this course is for:

  • PHP programmer who want’s to build native mobile applications using Appzio platform


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