Arabic for non-native speakers For beginners through pronunc

Arabic for non-native speakers For beginners through pronunc


  • There is nothing specific that students should have


In this course, I seek to provide good content that benefits those who are about to learn the Arabic language. The videos of this course included the Arabic alphabet and how to pronounce each letter. Then I touched on learning the words of each letter separately with the most important words and verbs for each letter, in addition to forming sentences in a simplified manner and clarifying the difference between words and verbs. Note and feminine in the Arabic language, which you will find in the sources of this course

In addition, I have put the most important and simple Arabic conversation questions and how to answer them. In the second section of the course, I will address more topics. I hope that you will like this simple course, and I hope that you will help me through support and active participation.

In addition to some other things, such as learning Arabic adjectives and how to form adjective-specific sentences so that the student feels enthusiasm for learning the language and that everything he thinks of is available to him.

Yes, my potential may seem simple but I have hope that this course will be good and I will seek to publish more and more and I will help students through current means of communication


Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for those who do not know anything about Arabic



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