Art for kids : Reptile Camouflage Art-Easy, fun & Creative!

Art for kids : Reptile Camouflage Art-Easy, fun & Creative!


  • A passion for creating!


In this class, you will learn to create an awesome Reptile art project through step by step basic drawing, Oil pastel gradation coloring method, technique to create skin patterns of reptiles and creating a landscape background for Reptiles!

This course includes:

  • A step by step structured method to draw Reptiles!
  • Two Oil pastel coloring techniques,
  • Designing a background Reptile landscape,
  • A technique to create skin patterns of Reptiles

By the end of the course, you would have created a complete Reptile Landscape Art!




Black pen

White paper/sketchbook

Oil pastels

Do you want to draw any subject out there? Do you aspire to develop your own drawing style? Do you hate copying other’s drawings line by line?

I’m Priya and I have designed a course to help you with all these questions.

When I began teaching children many yrs ago , they wanted to draw all their favourite subjects. Everyone wanted to capture a different topic and I knew, myself or any teacher practically can’t them to draw each and everything. So, I wanted to devise a logical method to help my students. I wanted them to draw creatively without having to copy my drawing. I wanted to devise a method that helps them to draw any subject.

My method uses a simple logic of observation, gives little ‘aha’ moments of discovery in the process of drawing and gives a sense of accomplishment for the students. My method is based on observation and discovery and don’t worry, I’m here to help you throughout the process!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner to intermediate Art lovers!


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