Artificial Intelligence for Civil Engineers: Part 2 (2021)

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Artificial Intelligence methods have been extensively used in the fields of civil engineering applications e.g. construction management, building materials, hydraulic optimization, geotechnical and transportation engineering, and newly added EHS.

Artificial intelligence technology nowadays plays a key role to improve and support the construction sector, Artificial intelligence (AI) usage in Civil promises an opportunity to transform the efficiency and quality of developments in various ways. This includes even “Building Plan Processes” that can be figured out through automated means. In the field of Civil Engineering, automated technology is considered a boon. Artificial machines will survey a potential construction site during the planning stages to gather enough data to generate 3D models, blueprints, and designs for development. It took weeks to complete that task. Now simply because of Artificial Intelligence new-age tools, the process only takes one day. This helps companies save time and money. In the construction industry, the design of Artificial Intelligence encourages the concept of fully automated construction sites, for that matter.

This part 2 course “Artificial Intelligence for Civil Engineers: Part 2 (2021)”  taught by Digital Marketing Legend “Srinidhi Ranganathan” and Civil Engineering Mastermind “Saranya Srinidhi” will teach you incredible calculating or estimation methods for brickwork and plastering work through manual and automated means. The course also brings awareness of an Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering platform that allows anyone to design and manufacture their own product, plan or build, or plan.

Everyone indulging in the civil engineering profession will clearly think of these reasons, i.e. the fixed amount of funds, costly labor (skilled and unqualified), difficulty in getting good building materials, particularly cement, and regular rising costs of concrete, bricks, timber, etc. Two important things are also needed in terms of economy and construction standards. Construction standards can be achieved through careful monitoring and selecting proper specifications, while planning is a must for the Economy. If known beforehand, the total quantity of different materials used in construction can help the planning of the economy and that’s why this course is important to learn.

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