Autism & Sensory Challenges (in school)

Autism & Sensory Challenges (in school)


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Autism often has sensory difficulties at its heart and nowhere are these more of a challenge than in the school environment. Missing these sensory needs can lead to very distressed behaviour and school refusal.

Hi, my name’s Loren Snow, I’ve taught tens of thousands of parents of autistic children and have worked with many organisations such as Public Health England, and The National Autistic Society. As an autistic adult myself, I have many sensory differences, I’m also surrounded by other autistic adults, and I have worked for a decade supporting parents to understand their children’s sensory needs.

In this short course, we’ll cover:

  • Our 5 main senses
  • Extra senses you might not even have heard of such as our senses of balance, body awareness, temperature, pain, and our internal sense
  • How each one might show itself at school, on the way to school, and in different school environments
  • The strategies that I’ve learned help autistic children from my work with schools and the I’ve 10,000s of parents I’ve taught

It can be really hard seeing your child struggle and be unable to cope. So I hope this course helps you.
Please join me today, on this course to learn more about autism’s sensory challenges in school.

Who this course is for:

  • Parents of autistic children
  • Teachers of autistic children



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