Automating Tasks with Python

Automating Tasks with Python


  • No Python experience required
  • Python is required: Installation is covered in the course
  • Basic computer skills: Surfing websites, opening and saving files etc.


Automation  is the execution of a task or series of task with little or no human interaction.

python scripts are used to automate various task.

Python scripts can be run by humans or a bot.

A bot is a piece of software used to automate python scripts

Automation can save  you time and increase your  productivity especially for repetitive tasks.

This beginners course covers some useful  fundamentals of Python programming language.

The tasks we will automate in this course  are:

  • Web scraping
  • PDF extraction
  • Watermarking  PDF
  • Splitting PDF
  • Encrypting PDF
  • Reading & writing to text files
  • Reading & writing to csv files
  • Sending emails
  • Working with scheduler
  • Loading and manipulating images

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Python
  • Beginners to Automation
  • Beginners to programming


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