AWS Analytics – Athena Kinesis Redshift QuickSight Glue

AWS Analytics – Athena Kinesis Redshift QuickSight Glue


  • Basic computer knowledge, Awareness of Cloud computing and good system with internet


AWS emerging as leading player in the cloud computing, data analytics, data science and Machine learning.

AWS Analytics course lectures with practical demos

Lecture Duration (hh:mm:ss)

Amazon Athena – Interactive query service 00:07:10

Amazon CloudSearch – Managed search service 00:16:20

Amazon EMR 00:11:05

Amazon Elasticsearch Service 00:11:36

Amazon Kinesis – Data Streams – Visualizing Web Traffic Using Amazon Kinesis Data Streams 00:23:56

Amazon Kinesis – Data Streams using AWS CLI 00:08:40

Amazon Redshift – Data warehousing 00:23:46

Amazon QuickSight – Business Analytics Intelligence Service 00:14:51

Amazon Data Pipeline – Automate data movement 00:18:36

and Amazon Glue, Data Lakes

Who this course is for:

  • This course addresses basic to advanced concepts.

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