Basic Math skills for SAT

Basic Math skills for SAT


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In this short course, we discuss the most frequent questions of SAT, ACT tests as well as teach the required skillset to do these questions flawlessly.

Majority of the SAT Maths questions are easy because they are made with an average student in mind. It gets more difficult to score closer to 800 and similarly, it get’s equally difficult to score less than the average score. So, there is no reason to be intimidated by this test. Also for difficult questions, we do not need to know the answer if we can be smart enough to eliminate the wrong ones. This technique is called the ‘mathematical contradiction’.

There are some basic ideas that can be helpful to average students to ensure an average score. Until and unless you are good at basics, it is not a good idea to expect average score. These skillset we discuss in this course can help you to ensure average score because SAT maths strictly follows a syllabus with average student in mind. So we have questions of sorts which also demand a specific skillset. When we master these skillsets, we can be certain to solve all such questions which ensure an average score. To score more than average, you will have to know more skillset which will be covered in another course which will cover all such skillsets. Here in this course, we only discuss 6 basic skillsets.

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