Basics of Organizing Your Home & Life

Basics of Organizing Your Home & Life


  • If someone else did it before… then you can do it!


Designed especially for young women, the course aims at explaining the basics and rules of well managing a home as a socioeconomic institute, for the sake of a happy organized life.

How to plan for your future home, what and how much to buy and what to avoid. Where to put each and every item of your stuff and how to keep the place tidy everyday. How to cut clutter and stay on top of your daily routines.

what to keep and what to throw away, in addition to when and how.

We learn all needed aspects to design and implement storage spaces and define a place for everything in addition to maintain order and ways to cut clutter and prevent its formation.

We also learn basics of household budget management and controlling expenditures. How to Smart Shop and be a good consumer for what you buy. Basics, reasons and ways of saving money.

Time management has also a great share in our course, we learn tools and techniques that can help every woman at home to get the best out of her days and enjoy life the fullest. A to do list that Work!

We aim at a simple organized life, with least problems possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Brides to be
  • Ladies starting up in a new home
  • Women age 20 -30


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