Become a Psycholar


The course is going to help you to decode your own and other’s minds to construct manageable personal and professional relationships and life.

Course will answer the questions which often nag our nerves:

  • Why do you think or act the way you do?
  • What is going on in other’s minds?
  • Why do they think or feel the way they are?
  • Why do they act in a certain way?
  • How do or will they respond to the world around them and which key factors might affect this?

Therefore, psychologists have done various experiments to understand and explain, scientifically, what are the influential or contributing factors that determine their or your behavior.

Couse offers you a deep and detailed understanding of:

1. Construction and Significance of Attention, Selection, and Perception in our lives

2. Understanding important factors that contribute to forming Perception

3. Introspection and Outrospection

4. Theory of Mind

5. Types of Empathy and its Significance

6. Role of Genetics and Environment on Shaping-up our Behaviour

7. Detailed understanding about your Memory- It’s not a noun, but an activity, a verb

8. Methods to enhance your Memory

9. Types of Learning, and Behaviorism

10. Psychology behind Attraction; Flirting; Why and how do we go with the crowd; Why good people doing bad;  Power of Authority; Prejudice; Self-protection and Empowement

11. Personality disorders


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