Bendy Doll Making – a doll with life

Bendy Doll Making – a doll with life


  • Basic hand sewing skill will help


Doll making is a gift that can be treasured. No matter how old you are, I am sure you might have had your own special doll in your life. What a magic it would be if you can create a real doll with your own hands? The joy you will derive out of your creation will be unmeasurable.

Join me to create a pair of elegant bendy dolls. Just like us the dolls too need a friend so we will be creating a boy and a girl doll. You will learn to construct the dolls from scratch. I will guide you at every step and be with you until your dolls come alive. The course is titled as bendy doll because these dolls have flexible limbs so they can be made to sit or stand. This doll making course demands only 2 skills – patience and love for dolls. The materials needed for this course are simple and easily source able in the market.

These dolls can meet varied users – children will adore it as their friend, parents can gift it to their children, a teacher can use it for her story table or class, anyone can keep this doll as a show piece, crafters can add this to their creations and marketers can make and sell them.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone from the age of 10 to 100 who love to make dolls


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