Blockchain & Smart Contracts: Applied for Professionals

Blockchain & Smart Contracts: Applied for Professionals


  • This course is designed to begin with the fundamentals and then layer additional knowledge on this foundation. As such, no course requirements or prerequisites exist.


K.Y.T Consulting develops our Professional client’s knowledge through a comprehensive approach, providing a fundamental understanding of Blockchain Technology and Crypto Assets. However, rather than focus on the minutiae of the underlying technology, we look at its application, focusing on how it is set to disrupt industries and who’s currently implementing it, providing concepts to be understood rather than terminology to be remembered, allowing client facing professionals to have better, more informed, conversations with clients and identify new opportunities.

This course comprises three modules:

Blockchain Technology Fundamentals:

  • This module covers the origin of Blockchain, explaining what it is and then explores its various use-cases, with specific examples from some of the worlds largest companies.

Crypto Assets & Smart Contracts:

  • This asset class can be subdivided into Digital Cash (cryptocurrency), Utility Tokens and Tokenised Securities. In this module you will be introduced to each of these classifications and their respective features and use cases. This module also provides a comprehensive analysis of smart contracts; a key topic underpinning the disruptive nature of Blockchain Technology.

Buying, Selling & Custody of Crypto Assets:

  • This module focuses on how crypto-assets are acquired, liquidated and stored. Specifically, we shall review the counter-party options when buying and selling these assets, alongside key considerations, associated risks and their expected costs. This module also introduces clients to Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and Security Token Offerings (STO’s), covering the due diligence clients must undertake and the underlying factors they must scrutinise prior to allocating capital.

Disclaimer: This course does not constitute investment advise. Please consult a professional investment adviser prior to allocating capital.

Who this course is for:

  • Legal, Finance and Accountancy Professionals looking to develop an applied understanding of this new technology and asset class.
  • For example, finance professionals assisting with a clients capital raise; a lawyer who anticipates that their clients will be investing capital in Blockchain; an accountant with clients who are investing in Crypto Assets and wishes add context.


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