Boost Your Course Engagement and Sales

Boost Your Course Engagement and Sales


  • No prerequisites needed to take this course except for strong determination to increase your learners’ engagement rates.


If you’re an online instructor, e-course creator, or educational or training provider that publish your courses online, you need to think about detailed answers to questions such as the following ….

How do to get your students to complete your published course?

How to motivate them and get them excited to continue learning or get more courses from you?

How to get their full attention specially if they get distracted?

How to tap into their inner mind or subconscious to get them to continue?

If you provide your course or the virtual learning environment with the tools that will achieve the above-mentioned concerns, you will help your learners with achieving their learning objectives, boost your course completion rates, and eventually increase your course sales.

This concise, specific training course from Lincademy was designed to help you get the knowledge and develop the skills that help you identify and implement the tools that can get your course enrollees more engaged and highly motivated to take actions. By taking this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Increase learner’s consumption rate by understanding human brain
  • Increase learner’s engagement by triggering their inner desires
  • Identify web tools that help with triggering students’ desires
  • Motivate students by using learning progress graphs
  • Identify web tools that help with adding progress graphs
  • Increase learner’s engagement by increasing their interaction
  • Identify web tools that help with increasing learners’ interaction
  • Identify web tools that help with adding learners’ reward systems
  • Identify web tools that help with grabbing learners’ attention

Who this course is for:

  • Online instructors, e-course creators, and training providers



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