Bridge Game – wk 0/7: Introduction

Bridge Game – wk 0/7: Introduction


  • No requirement or prerequisite necessary for this course. A deck of game cards may be useful for practice.


Target of the course “Bridge Game” is to provide the correct process for beginners in order to play in tournaments, to compete with intermediate level players, to be competitive and successful amongst them and to qualify to higher levels in shortest time. Information covered is enough for beginners to become an advanced player in time. Of course, that requires a lot of practice. Quizzes throughout the courses will help practicing bidding, examples and advices will help improving card playing skills. However, best way to practice the card game is playing in tournaments, thankfully it is fun. You can start playing bridge with friends when you finish the lectures of WEEK 2 and start joining bridge tournaments when you finish the lectures of WEEK 4. The course is designed for 7 weeks and includes examples of advanced and expert card playing techniques, i.e. eliminations, coups and squeezes, to help improve card playing skills after reaching intermediate or advanced level. Beginners will not need them until having several years of tournament experience and can simply skip them for now. Here is an overview of “Bridge Game”.

WEEK 0: Introduction

– Bridge Game

– Basic Terms

– Bridge Equipment

– Tournament Setup

– Scoring

WEEK 1: Basic Bidding I

– Hand Evaluation

– Target of the Game

– Standard Opening

– Responses

– Opener’s Rebids

– Responder’s Rebids

– Responses to 1NT Opening

WEEK 2: Card Game I (Basic + Intermediate)

– Game Plan For Suit Contracts

– Game Plan For NT Contracts

– Card Plays For Declarer

– Card Plays For Defense

– Opening Leads

– Discards

– Other Signals


WEEK 3: Basic Bidding II

– Responses to 2NT Opening

– 2Cl Opening and Responses

– Namyats Opening and Responses

– Weak Openings and Responses

– 1 Level Suit Overcalls and Responses

– Takeout Double and Responses

– Other Overcalls and Responses

WEEK 4: Intermediate Bidding

– Splinter

– 3NT Major Support

– Gambling Major Support

– Control Bids

– Keycard Asking

– Trial Bid

– Inverted Minors


WEEK 5: Advanced Bidding

– 3rd Suit Forcing

– 4th Suit Forcing

– Checkback Stayman

– Responses to 1NT After Overcall

– Minor Transfers (Over 1NT Opening)

– Double & Redouble

– Sacrifice

WEEK 6: Card Game II (Advanced + Expert)

– Card Plays For Declarer

– Coup Examples

– Squeeze Examples I

– Squeeze Examples II

– Card Plays For Defense

WEEK 7: Expert Bidding

– Double & Redouble (Supplementary)

– Bidding Systems

– Alternative Conventions I

– Alternative Conventions II

– Alternative Conventions III

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for everybody interested in card games especially for those who like puzzles and mind games.


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