Budget Video Production

Budget Video Production


  • You wish to make good professional videos that show your talents off to best effect, whether for personal or business reasons.
  • You’ve watched video online – on YouTube or other platforms – and you feel that with a little work and some expert guidance, you could do the same or even better!
  • You understand that video production is not about spending a fortune on equipment, but about learning solid principles and putting them into practice – with a keen eye on your budget.
  • And you realize that now is the time to stop ‘just thinking about it’ – now is the time to get started with video and see what you can really do.


Here’s what people say about this practical and enjoyable course:

“These guys definitely know what they are talking about. A lot of people think that high-end cameras will do all the work for you, and yes they can make the job easier, but if you don’t do your part nothing will work. This is very detail oriented about how to use everyday objects to get good production videos and you will definitely get something out of this course. Even for the seasoned video maker, there are some good tips and tricks. Highly recommended” 

“Excellent! These guys did a great job. They explained everything in easy terms. I recommend this course if you’re just starting out or a seasoned video producer. You’ll learn a lot within the course and even more when you apply what is in the course to your own productions.” 

Tons of useful tips in this course. I definitely recommend it!” 
Wei Li

I loved it, and I’ll be watching it again and again.

Super useful info! Delivers what it promises.” 

“Great course – would highly recommend it. It does what it says on the tin “teaches you how to produce video on a budget”. Easy to watch and digest with actionable steps and examples included. Furthermore, the after support available via the Q&A section is superb… and if you are on the fence I would suggest you just go for it. Very knowledgeable guys who are more than willing to share their expertise.” 
Craig G

Very practical and useful, love it” 

“I’m learning so much I never considered before. I’ve taken a few other courses on how to make video, but this is getting right down to details” 

“Personable, easy to grasp, enthusiastic, logical flow.” 

“Excellent inputs, they showed us the exact way of creating and editing videos along with references for equipments to make beautiful videos. The content delivery is crisp and full of useful info.” 

“The course is well organized and presented. Each session is the appropriate length and allows me to absorb the material in manageable chunks. It is certainly worth the money.” 

“This is a great course – a lot of step by step instruction. The course is well explained with clear examples and powerful details. The course is also very engaging and makes me want to watch more and the instructors deliver well on their story and message making me feel confident and transforming that confidence with the available resource to competence. Thank you so much :D”

“Great information – given in a concise, relaxed manner.” 

“Good clear explanations.” 

“Nice demeanour of both instructors and knowledge of subject. I have a degree in Radio-TV and several years experience. But it’s always good to be reminded of some of the ideas presented here.” 

“Very enthusiastic presenter! So far no fluff and the explanations are very clear. Excited I bought this course!” 

“I like the straight talking and honesty. The fact you don’t have to invest in lots of expensive kit and you can use what you already have.” 

“Great step-by-step instructions and tips that are easy to follow.” 

“The course has been very informative, the instructors are very knowledgeable and I will take away many tips that will help in my online content.”

“Some great advice so far in the form of short and snappy videos.” 

“just watch and learn from how Ken and Tosh conduct themselves in front of the camera and you will be enthused and can learn a number of techniques from how they themselves are presenting this course. Worth every penny – the course and all the equipment and software they ask you to download. You really will achieve budget video production!” 

“A very useful course and a good overview of how to create your own video. Lots of practical and affordable tips that will be easy to apply. Supported by check lists and documents that you can download to help you on your way. Great value for money.” 

Great videos boost sales

Smart companies realize that great video boosts sales. And you can make your own professional videos for next to nothing by following our simple video production and editing techniques.

  • If you’re a business owner, a freelancer or a startup… 
  • a skilled artisan or an ambitious manager… 
  • if you work in education, a sports club or a non-profit… 

…you can reach your target audiences easily by creating videos.  

By learning simple video production techniques, you’ll be able to make unlimited videos quickly and easily, you’ll attract new customers and educate them in how to use your products or services – before they even buy. And you’ll build loyalty among your existing customers, encourage repeat purchases and teach people to get even more value from what you offer.  

We’re not talking about slick, expensive ‘corporate’ videos that no-one watches… nor long, dull, unsteady videos that look awful and are more than likely to drive customers away rather than win them over.  

We’ll show you how to make honest, quality video that feature you, your staff or your customers at their very best – video production that shows the human side of your operation.  

And we’ll show you how to use video production to educate your customers – because educated customers are everyone’s best customers. They’re frequent users, they tell their family and friends how great you are and, above all, they’re loyal. Heck, they’ll even share your videos and do your marketing for you.  

This video production course shows you how to create such videos, how to edit them, how to publish them and how to promote them – without having to spend a fortune on technology.  

And yes, this course will help even if you’ve never made videos before, or if you don’t own expensive video equipment. The truth is that most people already have the technology to make great videos, sitting unused on their smartphones, tablets or desktops.  

But there’s one big problem!  

If your videos are not engaging, entertaining and informative, your audience will quickly turn away. That means the knowledge you have will never reach them …never enrich their lives …and never give you the warm glow of satisfaction in passing your skills along to others.  

And that’s where this course comes in  

We’ll show video production and editing skills you can use with minimum expenditure and little need for technical knowledge or complicated equipment.  

This is not a course about video production technology… or the latest video cameras …or the expensive accessories that will give you the cleverest effects.  

In this course, we believe it’s not about buying more technology, but about learning what to do with the technology you already have. Yes, that’s right! You probably have all the technology you need right there on your smartphone or tablet.  

You’ll find over 30 video production lessons in 4 important sections:   

  1. Why you need next to nothing to start. That’s because today’s electronic devices are jam-packed with video production technology and features – most of it underused or completely ignored. We’ll show you how to get super results with the equipment that you already own.   
  2. How to make videos your audience wants to see. We’ll show you how to easily find the questions your audiences are already asking online – and how you can turn that into an endless source of relevant video topics so you’ll never be short of new ideas.  
  3. How to edit videos for impact and enjoyment. We’ll share professional video production tricks and insider tips that will save you time and add a professional aura to your work. We’ll show you how to make videos your audience will really enjoy.  
  4. Video Snapshots: Great Videos from Ordinary Businesses. We take a look at how real-world businesses are using video to promote themselves. But then we explain how you can make the same, or similar videos, using the basic equipment we recommend in this course!

You’ll also find quizzes to test your understanding of the course content, plus worksheets and resources – and recommendations on the best and cheapest equipment. 

So start learning to harness the benefits of inexpensive video production and promote yourself, your business or your organization.

Hit the green button above to get instant access!

Who this course is for:

  • The course is ideal for people who want to make great videos to promote their business, freelance skills or non-profit without spending money on technology.
  • This course is not for those who want to dive deeply into the technology of video production.


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