Building A Dyslexia Parent Group – Step 3

Building A Dyslexia Parent Group – Step 3


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Welcome to our course Building A Dyslexia Parent Group – Step 3. Please make sure to download the WORKBOOK link on our website and open to Step 3. This guide will help you navigate this lecture.

Educational Rights

Most colleges of education don’t teach about dyslexia, SoR, IDEA or FAPE. This should make you angry. Not only has the science been conclusive for decades, but federal law requires all public schools identify and remediate children with dyslexia. You are not asking for anything special, only what is federally mandated. It’s time to get busy!

Step 3 – Featured Guest Speakers:

The guest speakers who participated in the Step 3 videos are: Louisa Moats, Kareem Weaver, Brenda Louisin, Kerry Agins, Pete Wright, Kevin Gorman, Andrea Rowson and Brett Tingley.

Step 3 – Quotes:

“Stand in the truth. You are not asking for anything that federal law does not already require of your school district.”

~ Brett Tingley, President of Our Dyslexic Children, Inc.

“…not that it’s a learning disability, it’s a teaching disability. They don’t know how to teach the child properly.”

~ Pete Wright, Special Education Attorney, taken from documentary ‘Our Dyslexic Children’

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