Cartoon Animation Course for Beginners

Cartoon Animation Course for Beginners


  • Basic drawing skills and passion are necessary.
  • Tablets or smartphones.
  • Free 2D Animation Software
  • No software or drawing skills necessary, but attention are required during the production stage.


This course is for inquisitive beginners and kids 7 years and up. You will receive a hands-on introduction to cartoon animation and learn the basics through creating animated stories. This approach fosters imagination and empowers kids to be productive and creative in the digital age. By the end of the course, you or your child will be able to create animations similar to the provided examples. Join me in this STEAM activity and let’s bring imagination to life!

This course is designed for curious beginners and kids 7 and up. Through hands-on instruction and creating animated stories, trainees will gain the fundamental skills needed for cartoon animation production. This approach stimulates imagination and transforms children from passive technology users into future creative and productive individuals. By the end of the course, you or your child will have the ability to create animations like the examples provided or similar. Join this STEAM activity and unleash imagination!

This course is about:

  1. Learn how to animate a simple drawing
  2. Understanding of storyboard and how to prepare one
  3. Study simple animation principles
  4. Introduction to 2D animation software and basic elements
  5. Creation of a single motion animated film
  6. Study of Squash & Squeeze animation techniques
  7. Combination of motions in an animated movie
  8. Creation of multiple cartoon animations
  9. Combination of all basic techniques to create a short animated movie.
  10. Focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) approach. (STEAM subjects share a common approach and focus, which is interdisciplinary and integrates each subject to provide a holistic education.)

Who this course is for:

  • For 7 years old and up.
  • For kids and families, this course can also be taken as a family activity.
  • For teenagers.
  • For teachers and homeschoolers.
  • This course is designed for those over 7 years old. For younger ages, families are advised to join the course and assist in the learning process.


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