Certified Authentic Living Coach – Specialist training



  • Have an open mind and and a willingness to learn
  • Must have a desire to live authentically and be free of constraints and dogma
  • Must be prepared to take action on the topics learned so that you can see result in record time
  • A keen interest in the mind wold be useful


Isn’t it just so easy to follow the crowd? It seems it takes guts sometimes to be yourself.. This course is for the people that want to stand out and be themselves regardless of what the ‘norm’ is. Your power is in your uniqueness and being authentic is a part of that. If you cant be true to yourself who can you be true to right? 

This course shows you how to pull your true self back to the forefront of your mind and helps you coaches to do the same. This is a unique course that draws on decades of experience from one of the worlds leading online coaches/ instructors.

Who this course is for:

  • Coaches who are looking to assist their clients in being true to themsleves
  • Anyone who struggles with being authentic in varying contexts
  • Want to be coaches who are looking to find their niche so they can become more effective
  • Anyone who wants to join a community of coaches and mentors looking to make an impact in the world

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