Certified Management Accounting-Part1-250 past CMA questions

Certified Management Accounting-Part1-250 past CMA questions


Test questions on the following Topics

Financial Statement Analysis (25% – Levels A, B, and C)

  1.   Basic Financial Statement Analysis a. Common size financial statements b. Common base year financial statements

2. Financial Ratios a. Liquidity b. Leverage c. Activity d. Profitability e. Market

3. Profitability analysis a.   Income measurement analysis b. Revenue analysis c. Cost of sales analysis d. Expense analysis e. Variation analysis

4. Special issues  a. Impact of foreign operations  b. Effects of changing prices and inflation  c. Off-balance sheet financing d. Impact of changes in accounting treatment  e. Accounting and economic concepts of value and income  f. Earnings quality

B. Corporate Finance (20% – Levels A, B, and C) 

1. Risk and return a. Calculating return b. Types of risk c. Relationship between risk and return

2. Long-term financial management  a. Term structure of interest rates b.   Types of financial instruments c.   Cost of capital d. Valuation of financial instruments

3. Raising capital a.   Financial markets and regulation b. Market efficiency c. Financial institutions d. Initial and secondary public offerings e. Dividend policy and share repurchases f. Lease financing

4. Working capital management  a. Working capital terminology b. Cash management c.   Marketable securities management d. Accounts receivable management e. Inventory management f. Types of short-term credit  g. Short-term credit management 

5 Corporate restructuring a. Mergers and acquisitions b. Bankruptcy  c. Other forms of restructuring

6.   International finance  a.   Fixed, flexible, and floating exchange rates b. Managing transaction exposure c. Financing international trade d. Tax implications of transfer pricing 

C. Decision Analysis (20% – Levels A, B, and C)

1. Cost/volume/profit analysis a. Breakeven analysis b. Profit performance and alternative operating levels c. Analysis of multiple products

2. Marginal analysis a. Sunk costs, opportunity costs and other related concepts  b. Marginal costs and marginal revenue  c. Special orders and pricing d. Make versus buy e.   Sell or process further f. Add or drop a segment g.   Capacity considerations

3. Pricing a. Pricing methodologies  b.   Target costing c. Elasticity of demand d. Product life cycle considerations e. Market structure considerations

D. Risk Management (10% – Levels A, B, and C)

1.  Enterprise risk    a.   Types of risk   b.   Risk identification and assessment    c.   Risk mitigation strategies   d.   Managing risk

E. Investment Decisions (15% – Levels A, B, and C) 

1. Capital budgeting process a. Stages of capital budgeting b.   Incremental cash flows c. Income tax considerations

2. Discounted cash flow analysis a.   Net present value b.   Internal rate of return c. Comparison of NPV and IRR

3. Payback and discounted payback a. Uses of payback method b. Limitations of payback method c. Discounted payback

4. Risk analysis in capital investment a.   Sensitivity and scenario analysis                               b.   Real options



Who this course is for:

  • CMA Candidates for the Part 2 exam


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