Cheese Cakes & Choux by World Pastry Champion

Cheese Cakes & Choux by World Pastry Champion


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Learn selection of Cheese cakes and Choux by APCA Malaysia- An International Pastry & Culinary School

Understanding of Techniques for Choux and Cheese cakes is very important if you have to bake like a professional. This program covers the most basic level of recipes covering different techniques. You will be learning about baked cheese cakes, Chilled Cheese cakes and Japanese soft Cheese cake. Also you will be learning detail of making choux, Eclairs, Paris breast and Religieuse

Under the making of the choux dough is very important starting from cooking of the paste and then aming it smooth and glossy and balancing the texture of the Paste. Once you have gained the required skills understanding the concept then you can always use it for making choux , Eclairs as well as advance preparation. You will also learn how to add a crunchy crust on top of the  choux so that you can get that crusty look on top. You can always add different colours to the crust to make different variety and then match it with the fillings.

Same way understanding the different cheese for Baking and chilling is very important. Cheese can act as a base for desserts like chocolate so you have to be very particular when you make the chilled cheese cake and use the setting agents like gelatin.

In the cotton soft cheese cake you have to be careful when you are making the mixture. How to keep it soft, smooth and fluid to get that perfect light consistency with smooth cutting

This program will be a perfect base and help to master the skills of next level

You will be covering following 7 recipes in this program –

  • Baked Cheese Cake
  • Chilled Cheese Cake
  • Choux
  • Cottonsoft Cheese cake
  • Eclairs
  • Paris breast
  • Raspberry Religieuse

Who this course is for:

  • This program covers various techniques and skill need to make different cheese cakes and Choux


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