Chi Gong Meditation for Beginners – Chinese Martial Arts

Chi Gong Meditation for Beginners – Chinese Martial Arts


  • Willingness to engage with the meditations
  • A space where you can release distractions and experience the power of these meditations
  • An interest in becoming more fit, more flexible and more relaxed
  • Willingness to invest time, to enjoy life more


This course is perfect for you, when you want to take care of your body, improving overall fitness and health without exhausting yourself.

The exercises of  the course are very simple to do. And you will already feel the relaxation in important regions of the body, like neck, lower back and shoulders. These regions are often stressed out through long periods of sitting in our daily lives, reducing fitness and affecting our health.

Through practicing the exercises in the course you will feel that your movements become more efficient and smooth, which has a protective effect on the health of your joints and tissues on a long term of view.

The intensive, relaxed contact to one’s own body through Qi Gong also makes it possible to make one’s own work more tension-free, more relaxed and more creative. The deep, inner letting go leads you to the foundation of health and fitness.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in becoming stronger, more flexible and in reducing stress
  • People with little time or interest in going to the gym and taking classes
  • Anyone who wants to improve their balance and coordination.
  • Qi Gong beginners and also advanced practitioners


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