Chinese Philosophy-1: Confucius

Chinese Philosophy-1: Confucius


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If you‘re interested in Chinese culture, Chinese philosophy, and Confucius but don’t know where to start, this course is for you! It is based on the reliable Chinese classic: The Analects. It provides a clear and brief introduction in a very systematically structured way to the philosophy of Confucius.

Learning about Confucius is one of the best places to start learning Chinese philosophy. He is a crucial figure in Chinese Philosophy, like Socrates in Ancient Greek philosophy.

Confucius lived around the 5th century BCE, the Spring and Autumn period in China. During this period, there were many social and political problems. Confucius, having experienced the wars and social turmoil, thus, sought a way out. In his words recorded in The Analects, Confucius basically tries to answer two questions: “How should a person live?” and “How should we live as a society or country?”

In the first part of the course, I provide some essential introductory explanations. In the second part, I explain the historical background in which Confucius lived. So, you will be able to understand the relationship between Confucius’ sayings and that period’s political and social circumstances. In the third part, I examine Confucius’ views on morality and politics through his sayings.

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