Claim Your Seat in the Boardroom

Claim Your Seat in the Boardroom


  • Your career achievements and vitae may already offer the groundwork for gaining your first board seat.


Claim Your Seat in the Boardroom delivers a practical, step-by step guide to help board-ready leaders and executives gain the knowledge, resources, and confidence to shape their successful personal “onboarding” program.

After you complete this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of your own board skills, build a compelling board-targeted vitae, how to use and expand your networks for a board search, and how your background aligns with those sought by board search committees,

In this course, you’ll learn the realities of serving on a board of directors, how to dig out the “boardability” skills in your resume (there’s more there than you think), and gain allies and mentors for a targeted board network. You’ll learn how board searches really work, the image you need to project, targeted tips for women and diverse candidates, and how to interview for a board role.

Our course targets women and men at that point in your career when you realize gaining a board role seems realistic. You’re a corporate officer, founder, investor, legal or financial executive. You want to make the next step up, give back, improve a business, or shape a post retirement career.

You’ll master each stage of your board search, prepare for the board interview and vetting process, and get ready for your first board meeting.  The Claim Your Seat in the Boardroom course provides you with the tools, knowledge, a roadmap, and most of all, confidence to make your board goal a reality.

Who this course is for:

  • C-level career executives, entrepreneurs, investors, company founders, and others who’ve reached a career level where board service has become a real potential opportunity.


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