Closing Big B2B Sales from a Tech CEO

Closing Big B2B Sales from a Tech CEO


  • Just the right traits to be successful. We want people who would like to do over $10m in enterprise sales per year.
  • The right traits include relentless and fierce, future ambition, methodical, patient and personable.
  • A passion to learn and apply sales


We are looking to help newbies and current sales people to close large scale enterprise deals through understanding their strengths, personality testing and techniques of a high growth tech founder.

We want to build Mammoth Hunters.

A Mammoth Hunter can close $10m a year deals from prospect to close.

This course is our initial fundamentals course to help set you up for success and will cover the following;

  • What can you learn in our Mammoth Fundamentals Course?
  • Foundations for Selling Big Deals to Enterprise (Mammoth Hunting)
  • An understanding of what product you should sell based off your personality traits and your time span.
  • How to build a customer qualiification list based off common problems to drive crediability.
  • An understanding of how to sell to different customers and customer executives with different personality traits and time spans
  • How to handle objections in a remote environment?
  • Deciding on which executive to back to get the deal done. An understanding of how organizations make decisions based off different location and social makeup.
  • Understanding the probability of prospecting in all deals and how to overcome it to keep going.
  • Sales swarming what is it and how important is it for big deals.

We will be launching courses on how to close your first $100k, $1m and $10m.

Who this course is for:

  • Someone new to sales that can solve problems and always story tell who would like to change their life with an enterprise sales career
  • Someone who is a sales role but hasn’t been able to get an enterprise account role
  • An Account executive in first role and stuck between elevation pitch to deal signed deal stage.
  • A founder, executive or account executive that would like to learn time span and trait alignment to kill their first mammoth and put themselves on a path to making $10m.


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