Complete Stock & Options Training With Trade Tools

Complete Stock & Options Training With Trade Tools


  • No knowledge or experience is needed to take this course. All you need is a desire to learn and willingness to follow the easy to use training videos.


The InvestorJim online training program is built to give you step by step training and instructions on how to understand and trade the stock and options market. The course consists of 12 training modules that take you through and in-depth understanding of the following topics:

1. Why Invest in Stocks and Options

    – Market Psychology

    – Understanding Inflation

    – Rule of 72

2. Fundamental Analysis

    – How to quickly and easily decide the strength of a company using key data

3. Technical Analysis

    – T/A The ART and Science of Trading

    – Learn the 5 Components of Technical Analysis:

      1. Price Action

      2. Volume

      3. Support and Resistance

      4. Technical Indicators

      5. Technical Patterns

4. Technical Analysis continued

5. Portfolio Management

    – How to Set Stop Loss Orders to Lock in Profits and Protect Capital

6. Basic Options Theory

    – History of Options

    – How to Read an Option Chain

    – Trading Calls and Puts

7. Option Greeks

    – Delta

    – Gamma

    – Theta (Friend or Foe?)

8. 8 Steps to Success to Buying Options

    – Learn the 2 Biggest Mistakes Beginning Option Traders Make and Why

9. L.E.A.P.S.

10. Covered Call Strategies

    – Using Covered Call Option Strategies to Generate Weekly and Monthly Income

11. Introduction to Advanced Options

    – Gain an Understanding of Exactly WHAT an Advanced Option is

12. Credit Spread Trading

    – Bull Put Spread Trading for Income

Now that your have completed the training modules, it’s time to prepare to start trading. Remember to practice with our $100K completely VIRTUAL money before you invest your hard earned dollars. Also never forget that PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Or as I like to say… PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!



Who this course is for:

  • Our World Class stock and options course is perfect for all levels of trading. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, this course is for you!


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