Conversational AI (Chatbots) and NLP using Javascript

Conversational AI (Chatbots) and NLP using Javascript


  • Be able to code javascript


Learn NLP techniques using Node.js and Javascript, to understand how to build a Conversational Artificial Intelligence.

You’ll learn what is Natural Language Understanding, how to build classifiers using different technologies and how to measure them.

Also Named Entity Recognition, to extract entities from the sentences of the user to complement this NLU.

Natural Language Generation, to generate correctly the answers of the Conversational AI, and how to have answers based on context variables to give a contextualized experience to the users.

Also some util algorithms, like N-grams, and how to use them for real problems like guessing the language of a sentence or predicting the next word of a sentence.

Finally we will build a chatbot, multi-language in english and spanish, able to guess the language from the sentence, and using this Conversational AI techniques that we have learn during the course, and finally we will connect this chatbot to a web exposing an API.

Who this course is for:

  • Javascript and Node developers that wants to build chatbots or use NLP
  • Javascript developers that want to understand Conversational Artificial Intelligence
  • Javascript developer curious about how machines understand human language


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