Cracking KNIME!!

Cracking KNIME!!


  • No Prerequisite required. Basic Excel is more than enough for you to start the course.
  • No Programming experience required.


This is a course for Business Enthusiasts who look for data-driven decision-making techniques for different business scenarios. This would provide a basic and intermediate level understanding of different Machine Learning Algorithms and how they can be implemented in KNIME. It would also teach the students how to judge the different Machine Learning Algorithms and which ones will fit your business scenario. KNIME is free and powerful software that has a vast number of business use cases. KNIME is used in many huge corporates and also in startups. This would also be ideal for any student who is pursuing an MBA with a major in Operations and Data Science.

KNIME Analytics Platform is the open-source software for creating data science. Intuitive, open, and continuously integrating new developments, KNIME makes understanding data and designing data science workflows and reusable components accessible to everyone. Knime is a great tool of choice for people with no programming background and looking for a free tool. Knime is a great tool for people not fully comfortable with python syntax. It is great for database manipulation and wrangling. It has a visual drag and drop interface and allows an amazing number of advanced data analytics.  KNIME Software allows you to reach back into the data science cycle at predetermined touchpoints to update data sources, tweak parameters, inject domain knowledge, and more – all this without touching an actual workflow.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in KNIME who would want to learn about different Machine Learning Models
  • Industry Professionals looking for jobs as a Program Manager and a Data Scientist
  • Students intrested in Data Science and Decision Making through Machine Learning


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