Create SVG images for Whiteboard Videos using Inkscape

Create SVG images for Whiteboard Videos using Inkscape


  • Windows or Mac, Internet Connection, No skills required – uses free Inkscape software


You can’t walk the great wall of China, without taking your first step.

This course will show you how to make your first SVG image, that you can use in your whiteboard animation software (videoscribe, Doodle, Explaindio, etc) in 5 minutes.

You will have then taken your very first step.

From that 1st image, you will be introduced to new tools, that will allow you to generate different affects.

By the end of the course (12 videos), you will be able to assemble and repurpose complex scenes confidently and quickly.

My name is Dr David Kyte and I have been making whiteboard videos for 10 years. I use the techniques shared in this course with every whiteboard video I make.

I am sharing these skills, as they are simple, easy to learn, and gives you the freedom to tweak your current image library, making the PERFECT image for your next video shot.



Creating Your First Simple SVGs

    02 Draw a Simple Arrow [6:53]

    03 Changing the Drawing Order [4:35]

    04 Changing Colours, Rotation and Duplication [6:10]

    05 Drawing a curved arrow [5:45]

Converting PNGs and bitmaps to SVGS

    06 Tracing Your first png [8:45]

    07 Trace a Brain Png [11:57]

Changing Emotions on Characters

    08 Changing Emotions on a Face [9:32]

Using Existing Image Props and Characters

    09 Extracting a prop from another image [3:48]

    10 Extracting and repairing a prop from an image [5:31]

    11 Adding a Prop [4:48]

Building New scenes

   12 Merging two or more images together

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that makes whiteboard videos


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