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  • No programming experience is required, you will learn what you need here.
  • Willingness to learn and be innovative


Welcome to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Coin course. This is a project based course where you will be guided step by step on how to create your own custom cryptocurrency coin from scratch using Solidity programming language. Even though writing a smart contract for creating a cryptocurrency coin might sound a little bit frightening due to its complexity, however, there is no need to worry since we will take full advantage of Open Zeppelin which is an open source network to help us accomplish our goal. Afterward, our Solidity smart contracts will be deployed to Binance Smart Chain network due to its lower gas fees compared to other blockchain networks like Ethereum.

Since this project was created and designed for beginners, therefore, this course also comes with a Solidity warm up session for people who have never done programming using Solidity before, you will get to learn basic fundamentals that you need to know to excel in this project. In addition, particularly for Crypto beginners, this course also comes with MetaMask Wallet brief tutorial and setting up Remix IDE tutorial. For your information, Remix is browser based IDE mainly used as a Solidity programming environment.

Major highlight of things which you will learn:

1. Basic Solidity Warm Up Session:

  • Exploring Remix Ethereum IDE
  • Build basic contract
  • Learn Solidity data type (string and uint)
  • Build basic constructor
  • Passing parameter to constructor
  • Build basic function
  • Passing parameter to function
  • Run the code and conduct multiple testings

2. The Project: Creating Cryptocurrency Coin

  • Import Open Zeppelin to Remix IDE
  • Create the contract and constructor
  • Name our cryptocurrency coin
  • Choose a three digits symbol to represent our coin
  • Deploy the smart contract to the blockchain network
  • Track our coin on BSC Scan and get the contract address
  • Add our coin to Meta Mask wallet
  • List our coin on Pancake Swap
  • Learn how to add liquidity to our coin

Despite this project is pretty basic, however, it would be very efficient way to improve your skills in Solidity programming as you learn by creating an actual project and hopefully this course would also change your perspective that creating a cryptocurrency coin is actually not that complex, the next step that you need to do in order to take this to another level is to think about your coin’s real world utility or use cases where the market has a high demand for it.

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested in building their own cryptocurrency coin
  • Solidity enthusiast looking for advancing their skills by creating an interesting project


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