Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving


  • All that you need is a desire to learn more about creative problem solving.


Where there are people, sooner or later there will be problems, but there will also be potential. This principle has been the foundation of Dr Neil Thompson’s work for over 30 years – helping individuals and organizations to tackle the problems and to fulfill the potential. In this course, he uses that experience in problem solving to offer helpful guidance on rising to the challenges that arise when people come together in a workplace or other setting. It offers an invaluable basis for developing your knowledge, skills and confidence in preventing problems where possible, tackling them when they do arise and dealing with the aftermath.

In particular, the course provides a foundation of understanding of how a creative approach to problem solving can be effective and can contribute to helping people realize their potential as fully as possible. Being creative opens up a much wider repertoire of problem-solving tools and therefore significantly increases our chances of making a positive difference.

Simply hoping that problems will go away if left alone is a very risky strategy and can be very costly in both human and financial terms, and so taking time to learn more about creative problem solving should prove to be a worthwhile investment of effort.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers, HR professionals and a wide range of other professionals whose work involves an element of problem solving. It will also be of value to anyone with an interest in problem solving.

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