Crypto and Forex Auto Trading Bots Using Royal Q and IPC

Crypto and Forex Auto Trading Bots Using Royal Q and IPC


  • Have Binance or Huobi account
  • Have money to trade


Trading Cryptocurrencies can be seen to be difficult for those that are not professional traders and because of this, many people have lost interest in trading cryptocurrencies.

An easier way to make profit whether or not you have the knowledge of trading is by use of Auto Trading Bots which trades for you and makes daily profits for you.

This course is made up of the step by step on how to setup Royal Q Crypto Trading Bot and Forex IPC Bot for ultimate and daily profit.

The bot has been tested, verified and accepted by many people. It makes use of AI and quantitative trading strategy in buying and selling of different cryptocurrencies without much human interaction which makes it easy for one to working or doing other jobs while the bot takes care of the trading.

The difficulty of trading has be eradicated with the use of Rayal Q and Forex IPC trading bot and it is made for everybody both beginners and professional crypto and forex traders.

After going through this course one is assured of regular daily income using the bot if he/she apply what is taught here and has trading account with either Binance or Huobi for crypto and MT4 for forex.

This course will help you with the opportunity of having a daily passive income.

Who this course is for:

  • Lovers of Passive and Multiple streams of income
  • Busy People that want to earn Passive Income
  • Beginners and Experts in crypto and forex Trading
  • Anyone that wants to make money on autopilot


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