Cryptocurrency Flashloan Arbitrage with Furucombo

Cryptocurrency Flashloan Arbitrage with Furucombo


  • No previous experience in cryptocurrency trading is required
  • No Solidity programming experience is required
  • Basic knowledge in cryptocurrency is helpful but not neccessary


Welcome to Cryptocurrency Flash Loan Arbitrage with Furucombo course. As the popularity of cryptocurrency rise since past couple years and the demand of people who are interested in exploring limitless opportunities within this field also keeps increasing, therefore, this course was created with an intention to provide crypto enthusiast an alternative to execute flash loan arbitrage trade without having to code/program solidity smart contract since there are a lot of folks out there who are curious and excited about this new concept of trade, however, they do not have skills and experience in Solidity programming previously. This course will mainly concentrate on guiding you to perform cryptocurrency flash loan arbitrage trade on DEFI platform called Furucombo where you will not be required to write any code nor create solidity smart contract to execute your trade, instead, you will play around with combination of cubes which represent pair of cryptocurrency assets in decentralised exchange platforms to discover the most profitable option before placing the trade.

In addition, you will also be taught on how to use several different sites like Coin Market Cap and Cryptorank IO to monitor price fluctuations and ideally find arbitrage opportunities. The course will also be complemented with study case about gas fees comparison among different blockchain networks to decide which one is the best to rely upon. Last but not least, flash loan arbitrage might be a new concept for vast majority of people where you will be able to execute trade without using your own assets, instead, you utilise the loan from AAVE, hence, basically the only thing you are risking here is the gas fees to execute the trade which will be discussed in a more detailed and structured way inside the course.

As this course was designed specifically for beginners with limited knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency and flash loan arbitrage, hence, all material will be explained from the very basic version, starting with introducing basic concept of arbitrage and slowly developing our understanding to learn how its actual implementation in crypto, then followed by risk associated with this type of arbitrage continued by solutions to mitigate those risks. Lastly, it is very essential to set your expectation clear, you will not be millionaire overnight since finding arbitrage opportunities is quite hard and you are competing with thousands or even millions of traders with more advanced smart contract which has the capability of detecting  those opportunities in a matter of seconds and automatically execute the trade as soon as that price discrepancy has been detected. Therefore, the next action to be more competitive and sustainable system, learning how to code using Solidity and Javascript would be recommended as having your own smart contract gave you more authority over the trade.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading
  • Anyone who is interested in flash loan arbitrage without writing solidity smart contract
  • Anyone who is interested to explore limitless opportunities within web 3.0 space


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