CRYSTAL ENERGY: Crystal Energy Healing Certification Course!

CRYSTAL ENERGY: Crystal Energy Healing Certification Course!


  • There are no specific prerequisites
  • Love for crystals and for improving yourself naturally!
  • Be open to how crystals can assist in healing
  • A desire of learning about Crystal Healing & increase knowledge about Energy Healing!


Crystal Energy Healing Certification Course!

Welcome to this amazing crystal healing certification course where I Ali Haider, a professional Crystal Healer will share my knowledge and insights about Crystal Energy Healing. Using crystals for healing is simple, painless and risk-free. Before you start to use crystals you need to know as much about them as possible. You just need to know the types of crystals and the best way to use them. Learning what crystals are suitable for different ailments is a huge advantage to ensure you are using them correctly. I have added the most used crystals for healing in this course and they can help you in your journey to Crystal Energy Healing. This course covers all of the Basics required for crystal healing and will explain, how to choose your crystals, how to perform a crystal healing session, cleansing your crystals and much more!

Crystals come in every size, shape and color. Many are multi-colored. Throughout history man has used the power of crystals. Most ancient cultures have held crystals as sacred objects and have used them in ceremony, for meditation, to clarify thoughts and to help with healing. Today crystals are integrated into our modern technologies, they are used in communications, computers, medical and laser technologies. This course covers most important Aspects of crystal Healing and includes!

  • Use Crystal Energy to assist with healing
  • Become a Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • Explore Things to Do for Effective Crystal Healing!
  • Explore Different Colors in Crystal Healing
  • Learn about Major Chakras and their associated crystals
  • Chakra meditation for balancing your chakras
  • Understand how crystal healing works
  • Explore Basic Crystals For Crystal Healing Session
  • Learn Different ways to use crystals
  • How to use Stones And Crystals For Healing Chakras
  • Explore Typical Crystal Healing Session
  • Learn How To Take Care Of Your Crystals
  • Know Different Shapes of Crystals and Stones
  • Learn how to Heal Others With Crystals
  • Know about Most Powerful Healing Crystals
  • Explore different Ideas Where to Place Your Crystals!

There are many crystals and gemstones out there, so try not to get overwhelmed and confused picking or choosing which ones are right for you or being concerned if you didn’t get the right ones. Th e best guide to choosing your own crystals is to follow your intuition. Your intuition will never steer you wrong if you listen to it.

Crystal healing – it’s safe, it’s easy, it’s interesting, and anyone can do it. This course is for:

· Those who are Reiki practitioners

· Those who are Reiki Students & Reiki Masters!

· Those who are Chakra Energy Healers

· Those who are Color Therapist

· Those who are Energy Healers

· Those who are Natural therapists


After completing this Crystal Healing course, you will Receive A Crystal Healing Certificate which you can share with your family, friends, relatives, co-workers. Certificates of completion help demonstrate your accomplishments. Plus you will also receive another certificate from Udemy

Love & Peace!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to learn about Crystal Healing!
  • People who are interested in exploring Crystals Energy Healing!
  • Those who are Energy Healers
  • Those who are Color Therapist
  • Those who are Chakra Energy Healers
  • Those who are Natural therapists
  • Those who are Reiki Students & Reiki Masters!
  • Those who are Reiki practitioners
  • Those who want to level up their healing abilities
  • People who are looking for a more peaceful and balanced lifestyle
  • People who are spiritual instructor or life coach who want to add Crystal Healing to their contributions
  • People interested in exploring Crystal Energy Healing Typical Session
  • People who want the finest resources about crystal Healing!
  • People who want to harness the power of spirituality and cure diseases naturally
  • People who want to study about Crystals and their natural Healing Abilities


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